New Here?

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about us

No matter where you are in your life of faith, no matter your church or non-church background, please know that you are welcome at The Church of St. Alban. 

As Episcopalians, we believe that God's love is for everyone, no exceptions. Our worship and theology are grounded in the rich tradition of the past 2,000 years, while at the same time we are open to where the Holy Spirit leads us today. 

Since 1859, The Church of St. Alban has opened its doors to the surrounding Roxborough neighborhood. Our members reflects the diversity of Roxborough itself, and so we have both long time members as well as those who are new to the area. We are an intergenerational community of faith including people of all ages and all walks of life. 

What to expect Sunday morning

What is worship like?

Our worship is liturgical, which means that we follow a set order of worship, and that the prayers and scripture lessons are not chosen by the pastor, but rather come from the Book of Common Prayer. We provide worship bulletins to help guide you through the service. We read the Bible, sing hymns (accompanied by our pipe organ), hear a sermon, pray together, and share in Holy Communion every Sunday.

If you've never been to a liturgical church service (such as a Roman Catholic Mass), you'll notice that we move around a bit in the pews. In general, we stand to praise (such as when we sing) and pray, we sit to listen and learn (from the Bible or the sermon), and we kneel when asking for or receiving God's Grace (at Communion or a blessing). If kneeling or standing is challenging for you, please know that you are welcome to do whatever is most comfortable for you. 

What should I wear?

We are a pretty relaxed place, and so most people will be dressed rather casually. You'll see jeans, khakis, button downs, polo shirts, & t-shirts. Some people do prefer to dress up on occasion, and so whether you dress up or down, you won't be alone.  Do not stress about what to wear, just come as you feel comfortable. 

Where should I park?

We have a parking lot located directly next to the church off of Fairthorne Street. The parking lot entrance is your first left after turning off of Ridge Avenue onto Fairthorne. You may enter through the back entrance in the corner of the parking lot or through the front door on Fairthorne. 

What if I have kids?

Children of all ages are welcome to remain in worship for the entire service. We provide a children's bulletin that is related to the scripture lessons of the day, and it can also serve as a coloring page. The back, right-hand corner of the church is designated as a "soft space" for little ones to have space to move, if the the pews are too restrictive. There are a number toys that you are welcome to use. On the second Sunday of the month, in lieu of the "adult" sermon, Fr. Adler invites all the children to come forward to the steps and preaches a children's sermon. All in all, we love having kids in church; we know that from time to time they make a "joyful noise unto the Lord" and that is just fine with us.